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Book Advice:
"Bear Basics & Beyond" by Helen Gleeson (Bare Cub Designs)

Published in 2011

"Bear Basics and Beyond" (released in April 2011) is an inspirational beautiful book including the "Bear Basics", covering furs, tools and step by step photo guides to "Beyond" where Helen Gleeson shares all her own experiences as a bear artist and encourages others offering information on promoting a collection. This book is designed for all bear makers and bear artists. There are also many beautiful bear watercolour images for the many collectors and is available in soft and hardback.

Bear Basics and Beyond: Book Guide by Helen Gleeson   A Bear book with a difference
"Be inspired and Immerse yourself in this beautiful illustrative guide to Bear Basics & Beyond. Using knowledge gained in the corporate world and experiences from being an accomplished Bear Artist, I have written the book I always wanted to read, but could never find on the bookshelves." (Helen Gleeson)

Bear Basics & Beyond
The bear Basics explained with chapters, Gather Supplies, Acquire Tools, and Collect Fur. All accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Learn basic stitches, right through to advanced techniques like appliqué paw pads, and working with real fur.

Included are 2 patterns, Award winning Neapolitan and mink cub Hershy.

Bear Basics and Beyond: Book Guide by Helen Gleeson
Copyright: Helen Gleeson
  Helen Gleeson invites you into her workspace and shares with you her experiences and knowledge to creating and selling your own collection. Websites, Blogs, and much more all explained.

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