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Workshop: Hand painted Teddy bear Eyes
by Sarah Cousins (Sarah's Bruins)

Published in 2011

It’s always great to try new things when bear making and if you’ve always used black eyes, but would like to try something new, painting your own bears’ eyes could be one answer! It gives you the option to have your bear’s eyes in any colour you wish!

Workshop handpainted teddy bear eyes   Painting clear glass eyes is easy and no great expense is needed. The materials you will need are:

- Clear glass eyes, with a black pupil

- Glitter or coloured nail polish (or both)

- or artist’s acrylics instead of nail polish

- Clear nail polish or clear varnish

- an artist’s paint brush

To make a start:

If using glitter, paint some clear nail polish onto the back of the eye and while still wet, apply your glitter. Make sure you put it on quite thickly, so there are no gaps when viewed from the front. Any excess glitter can always be shaken off.

When the clear polish is dry, you need to tap off any excess glitter. Then apply a clear nail polish or varnish to anchor the glitter in place.

Artist bear by Sarah Cousins (Sarahs Bruins)   Workshop handpainted teddy bear eyes
Example "forest head"

If using glittery nail polish you need only paint it on the back and allow to dry, as it’s both the glitter and polish in one product. You can also use coloured nail polish and build up colour allowing each layer to dry or have a different coloured edge to the eye or swirl two colours together!

Artist bear by Sarah Cousins (Sarahs Bruins)   Workshop handpainted teddy bear eyes
Example "winter head"

If using acrylic paints you paint the back, as with the varnish, but you must seal the back with clear nail polish or varnish, when the acrylic is dry, to stop it from peeling off.

As you paint the back of the eye, just remember to keep checking the front of the eye to see the finished effect you will be getting! If it all goes wrong for some reason, you can wipe it all off with nail polish remover while wet or dry and in the case of the acrylics it will simply wipe off with water while wet or can be carefully scraped off when dry, taking care not to scratch the glass surface.

The possibilities are endless when using clear glass eyes and are only limited by your imagination!

Workshop handpainted teddy bear eyes by Sarah Cousins   More information and artist bears by Sarah Cousins:

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Copyright: Sarah Cousins (Sarah's Bruins)




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