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How to wax an embroidered nose:  A Tutorial by Paula Carter (All Bear)

Published August 2012

Teddy nose waxing tutorial

Teddy nose waxing tutorial
  (My apologies for a couple of the blurry photographs ... it's a bit tricky recording this process with only one hand free to use the camera!)

The photo shows my bear's embroidered nose prior to waxing ... the neater the nose stitching, the better result you will achieve from your waxing.

Boil a saucepan of water and melt your wax (I'm using natural beeswax sourced from a candle making company, but there are other waxes available from some of the bearmaking suppliers).

I keep my melted wax in an old pyrex lid, complete with brushes, ready to be re-melted whenever I want to wax another nose. Warning: Don't leave your melting wax unattended as it may flame -
I usually turn off the heat as soon as the water is boiling and allow the wax to melt gently.

Apply the melted wax onto your embroidered nose with a brush -
I prefer to use a flat brush, making downward strokes to apply the wax.

Teddy nose waxing tutorial

My first coat of wax has now been applied ... you may need to use a small brush to work the wax into the outer edges of the bear's nose as you apply the wax. Take care to prevent it dripping onto the mohair muzzle though!

Using your hairdryer on a low setting, gently warm the waxed nose ...

As you warm the waxed nose, use the flat edge of a knife to remove the spare wax and smooth the bear's nose, taking care to ease the wax into the outer edges of the nose stitching to give a neat finish. I wipe my knife clean with a piece of kitchen roll as I work.

Teddy nose waxing tutorial

Wait a few minutes to allow the wax to dry, then using brown paper, buff the waxed nose using an up and down motion in line with the vertical stitches. I find it easiest to turn the bear so that the back of his head leans against my chest while I buff - which is why this photo looks as though it has been taken upside down!

When the first coat of wax has been buffed, you will probably still have a few pale streaks of wax showing. Depending on the finish you prefer, you may like to carefully colour these using a fabric pen. I'm using a black pen to match my black nose embroidery in this instance, but you could use other colours for a more individual effect.

Teddy nose waxing tutorial

Repeat the entire process for a second layer! I like to use two layers for my waxed noses, but you may prefer more - I suggest you experiment to find your "look". This is a pic of my finished waxed nose.

Teddy nose waxing tutorial

More about Paula Carter:

Tutorial Copyright: Paula Carter 2012


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