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Portrait: Miola Teddies
(Olga Sulcova and Anna Borisova from the Czech Republic)

Published: April 2014
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Olga Sulcova and her mother Anna Borisova have been sewing teddy bears under the label "Miola Teddies" for only about 2 years. Read more about the lovely creations from the Czech Republic.

Portrait Miola Teddies from Czech Republic

Portrait Miola Teddies from Czech Republic

Portrait Miola Teddies from Czech Republic

Portrait Miola Teddies from Czech Republic

Portrait Miola Teddies from Czech Republic
Copyright: Olga Sulcova
  Olga, please describe your bears with your own words.
Oh, this is a difficult question. Most of our bears seem to be sad. We love Old-Style bears, which look like bears from the attic. I also like making baby bears. Our bears need a lot of love and hugs.

When did you start making them and what was the occasion?
We started making hand-sewn teddies about two years ago in 2012. Before that we used to make needle-felted bears and other animals. Then we decided to try hand-sewn bears and we liked it very much - more than needle felting.

Do you recollect the first bear that you made yourself?
Yes, I have my first hand-sewn bear at home. He is really funny, I always smile when I look at him. My mum's first bear was adopted.

Portrait Miola Teddies, Olga Sulcova

How do you get ideas or inspiration for new creations?
It just comes, we do not look for ideas anywhere.

What do you like most when making bears?
Doing the face of the teddy bear: nose, eyes, smile. Then putting all the parts of the bear together.

What does your work mean to you?
It is our hobby and gives us time to relax. We just can't stop making new bears.

Portrait Miola Teddies, Olga Sulcova

Which sizes and materials do you prefer?
We like smaller bears about 13 to 18 cm tall. We like viscose most of all, especially my mum. I also like mohair. We use little onyx beads for the bear's eyes.

Do you have a favourite bear?
We love every bear we make, all of them are like our kids.

Please tell us something about the place where you live. What's your place of birth?
My place of birth is Moscow, but I live in Prague now. It has been my home for more than 8 years now. I love Prague. It is a very beautiful place with great history.

Portrait Miola Teddies, Olga Sulcova

Do you think that your bears are influenced by your country or would they look the same if you lived elsewhere?
I do not really know, but I think that it is more about a person and not about a place of living.

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